"We explore different learning needs, teaching styles, and offer a wide choice of materials to make your learning fun and effective." -Silvia Garrues


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"Our Professor, Silvia Garrues, is excellent. She is always prepared with something new that can help us apply what we are working on. Plus, she is very pleasant and enthusiastic.

She has great personality to learn from. Lively, helpful, the class is energetic."

Rice University

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We are proud to offer various options for:Spanish, Portuguese,English, German, Italian, French, Arabic, Russian and others...


Languages for Children and Teenagers! Spanish, French, Chinese...

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or call as to 713-924-8775! We have great programs for kids!

Kids & Teenager programs: Provides immersion language acquisition programs for them.

  1. For Families and Kids:- All of these lessons are offered at our location- Midtown-, at your home and at kindergartens or schools during normal hours or as a pull-out or after school program.

2.-For Schools: We can even,Click here to customize a program just for you.Sign up today!


Limited space! $25 discount if you register more than 1 child.

3.-Spanish Boot Camps:Spanish boot camp is designed for those students who are willing to spend a weekend day in an intensive introductory course.
We will practice vocabulary and conversational phrases will so that the student can prepare for a trip, try something new, get some exposure to another culture, and enjoy the spending time with another language.

Course includes lunch and snacks.
Bring a friend and the second person pays half price on tuition. We will need at least 4 kids.
Tuition is $175 and your friend is $85
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Refer a School:If your child's school participates in one of our Enrichment programs, you will receive a $195 discount to be applied to any future session at Silvia's School (You must refer a school before the school participates in our program in order to receive the discount).

Refer a friend:When your friend enrolls at any Language program, both you and your friend will receive a $50 discount each to be applied to any future session at Silvia's School!

We can even customize a program just for you!

For other Silvia's School of language lessons locations and times, please Suggest a Silvia's Spanish Class Tailored to your Needs.

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Intensive course of Spanish lessons. For the students that would like to learn the Spanish language very fast.

Spanish lessons at lunch time for executives that need to learn Spanish to improve their job conditions
Spanish lessons after work.

Please look at the Schedule and register your self for the most convenient Spanish lesson for you.

Adult levels are determined by an interview with your spanish lesson instructor and a placement test.

Spanish lessons start now. Do not waste your time, start with your lessons now! Call us to see more options!

Personal Class Schedules and Registration

Business Class Registration

Click here for Class Levels and Rates