"We explore different learning needs, teaching styles, and offer a wide choice of lessons and materials to make learning spanish fun and effective." -Silvia Garrues

We have created a culturally rich, home-like setting where adults and children engage in private and small group classes.

The school’s approach is to teach the structure of the spanish language while applying it to simple social or business situations.

"Our Professor, Silvia Garrues, is excellent. She is always prepared with something new that can help us apply what we are working on. Plus, she is very pleasant and enthusiastic.

She has great personality to learn from. Lively, helpful, the class is energetic."

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Our philosophy is to provide the best Spanish lessons available in Houston.

Houston School of Spanish was founded by Silvia Garrues to meet the immense demand for Spanish lessons in Houston Texas.

Our spanish lessons are arranged to bring greater flexibility that will meet the requirements of all of our students in both the business world and for your personal needs as well.

Whether you are:

we have a spanish lesson program to suit your needs.

Spanish is the third most widely spoken language in the world and is the official language of twenty-one countries.

Over 400 million people
speak Spanish throughout America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Spanish has become an unofficial second language in the US.

Houston has the third-largest Hispanic population in the United States.

Today’s businesses cannot afford to ignore the potential of the Spanish-speaking marketplace.

Houston School of Spanish School is a good alternative way to learn a second language.

We believe that everybody can learn another language and we are fully aware that not everybody learns the same way.

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