"We explore different learning needs, teaching styles, and offer a wide choice of materials to make your learning fun and effective." -Silvia Garrues

We have created a culturally rich, home-like setting where adults and children engage in private and small group classes.

The school’s approach is to teach the structure of the language while applying it to simple social or business situations.








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"Silvia was the best Spanish professor I have ever had.

Extremely helpful and good. I am going to change my major to Spanish just because of her.

She opened a door an exciting world for me. I just adore her.

University of Houston.





Encierro San Fermin. Pamplona. Navarre, Spain




Chupinazo, Pamplona. Navarre, Spain






Guggenheim, Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain







San Sebastian. Basque Country, Spain





Terraze, San Sebastian. Basque Country, Spain





Cibeles, Madrid. Spain










Casa Batllo. Gaudí. Barcelona. Spain











Barcelona. Spain









Gothic Cathedral. Sevilla. Spain 


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