"We explore different learning needs, teaching styles, and offer a wide choice of materials to make your learning fun and effective." -Silvia Garrues

We have created a culturally rich, home-like setting where adults and children engage in private and small group classes.

The school’s approach is to teach the structure of the language while applying it to simple social or business situations.

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"Our Professor, Silvia Garrues, is excellent. She is always prepared with something new that can help us apply what we are working on. Plus, she is very pleasant and enthusiastic.

She has great personality to learn from. Lively, helpful, the class is energetic."

Rice University


"Silvia was the best Spanish professor I have ever had.

Extremely helpful and good. I am going to change my major to Spanish just because of her.

She opened a door an exciting world for me. I just adore her.

University of Houston.


Houston Spanish Lessons for Companies

Silvia's School of Spanish provides on-site Spanish language lessons to employees and managers of business companies.

We can provide your company's needs by tailoring our corporate Spanish lessons to your area (such as

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Business Class Registration

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If you are interested in having Houston School of Spanish serve your company through our Houston Spanish lessons for companies, please Contact us for more details.

Benefits of Spanish Lessons in your Company or Organization Make your members learn Spanish!

• Meet an important need for Spanish training
• Provide a valuable benefit, that people really want
• Have more satisfaction
• Rise the involvement in professional initiatives

Business Spanish

For students to help advance their Spanish business language competency and succeed in today’s work place.

It is tailored for business that has to travel and do business in Spanish spoken Countries.

We can also custom design classes and programs to suite you specific language needs.

With extremely high quality instructor from Spain. Silvia has been training students at Rice University and University of Houston.

An attorney from Spain who speaks: Spanish, Basque, German and English.

Excellent program, college program. We provide a syllabus the first day of the class and you will get very good results.

Spanish Lessons for Corporations: We are happy to hold Spanish lessons in Houston and surrounding areas, on site at your business place location.

Get your credit by exam score studying Spanish with us. We get you ready for your credit. Enjoy our Spanish lessons in a private environment and get ready for your test in college.


Medical Spanish
For students seriously interested in learning a language, practicing their language skills with Spanish-speaking patients and enjoying a vibrant new culture. It is tailored for doctors, nurses… to facilitate communication with patients.


Lessons are now available in both the Spanish and Basque languages.

Spanish lessons start in December and January! Do not waste your time, start with your lessons now!

Corporate classes

Onsite visits available with flexible schedule.

Classes can be targeted according to the employee's
needs and work environment such as medical, executive, and/or Spanish market expansion.

Personal Class Schedules and Registration

Business Class Registration

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